Portable expo stand for SiteGround

"Pocket' expo standPosted by TapeFlips on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We continue to develop our innovative technology focused on exhibit design. We made this “pocket” expo stand for one of the top 10 hosting providers in the world – SiteGround.
We succeeded in using entirely recycled paper not only for the cardboard pannels but also for the connecting tape that behaves as hinges. The structure is extremely light and easy to assemble; as a result, it can be fully assembled in just 10 minutes without the need of any tools!

TapeFlips portable expo cardboard stand for SiteGround - structure on site

The whole stand fits perfectly in 2 specially designed briefcases and can be transported as check-in baggage. Such flexibility is very important for a leading IT company which attends dozens of conferences and events every year; moreover, for a company that cares about sustainability!

TapeFlips portable expo cardboard stand for SiteGround - briefcases

Although the connecting tape is made only of recycled paper, it is very strong and can carry significant load. The tape and the cardboard panels are waterproof; as a result, they can be easily cleaned without any negative consequences for the finish.

TapeFlips portable expo cardboard stand for SiteGround - strength

The wall is composed of 3 separate vertical folding modules providing flexibility not only in terms of packaging but also in terms of different arrangements. The module on the right has 3 extra three-angular parts functioning as shelves and a special folding element for the integrated lighting.

TapeFlips portable expo cardboard stand for SiteGround - axonometry

CLIENT: SiteGround
PRODUCT DESIGN: Petar Zaharinov / Tapeflips
STARRING: Miglena Gerasimova
YEAR: May 2015

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