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TapeFlips is not a commercial product yet. We have to walk a few steps more before that. Help us develop it the best possible way by filling the form at the bottom and spreading the word. You will be informed when it is available. Thank you!


The Principle

The principle is very simple, involving just three pieces of adhesive tape connecting the surface of one panel with the surface on the opposite side of the other panel. The trick is to alternate the three pieces in a chess pattern – two on one side and the one between them on the other.

TapeFlips principle - duct tape bonding - 360 degree hinge

The Adaptability:


The first unique quality of TapeFlips is the ability to alternate styles. It is easily done by changing the color and the pattern of the tape. Using stickers, adhesive foil, or even painting can change the look of the DIY furniture dramatically.

TapeFlips emotional adaptability - style alternation - cardboard chair - stickers


The second unique quality of TapeFlips is the ability to improve structurally. It can be done by adding more tape when needed. Even if some piece of tape breaks down it can be substituted immediately with more layers of it, making the whole structure of the modular furniture even stronger.

TapeFlips strengthening the tape - style alternation - 360 degree hinge


The third unique quality of TapeFlips is the ability to improve functionally in many directions: alternative usage of same setup, rearrangement of the parts in a brand new setup, adjustment of dimensions, flexibility. It is an excellent space saving furniture system!
TapeFlips can be used for many different purposes: home furniture, office furniture, kid’s furniture, custom lighting etc.

TapeFlips emotional adaptability - style alternation - cardboard chair - stickers

The Materials:


The paperboard offers lightness and robustness at the same time. It is totally ecological and recyclable. Its surface is even waterproof and perfect for printing.


The adhesive tape not only connects the paper panels strongly but also behaves as a hinge providing a 360° rotation angle. It also brings high level of visual, structural, and functional customization of this modular furniture system.

TapeFlips material - paperboard and duct tape

The Fun:


The DIY nature of the concept involves users emotionally in the creation process. It brings a playful element to it.


The affordable furniture solutions that TapeFlips offer are not the only social benefit it brings. Its playful aspect has a big potential for social bonding between family members, friends, colleagues.

Starring: Miglena Gerasimova
TapeFlips-lifestyle-paper hat-Miglena Gerasimova
TapeFlips is designed by Petar Zaharinov – architect and co-founder of PRAKTRIK
TapeFlips-lifestyle-paper hat-Petar Zaharinov


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